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Tyler Sant

Tyler Sant


Raised in Missoula, MT and the most unlikely of successful Rappers in the music industry. Known for my blue collar, working class, style of music which originates from my upbringing in Montana. My style of music is comprised of hip hop, country, and 70’s style rock. I started as a local "rapper" and became one of the most well known musicians in Montana state history. What started in a basement has now become somewhat of an empire. My brand has reached millions of people from music, music videos, merchandise, advertising, etc...

Social Media Experience:

I've built my brand from the ground up via social media. I've taken a dream and made it a reality by utilizing the tools available to us that sadly not everyone knows are at our disposal.

Key Things You Will Learn From Me:

How to build a brand on social media.
Who and how to advertise on social media.
The importance of a social footprint.

I'm not going to give a rah rah speech about how awesome advertising on Facebook is. I am going to walk you through, step by step, who to advertise to, how to advertise to them and why.


I am on the Billboard Music Charts for 2 different music albums in 6 different categories.

I've earned the Silver Creator Award on Youtube for obtaining 100,000+ Youtube subscribers.