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Patrick Kenney

Patrick Kenney

Kenney Enterprises

Patrick Kenney is originally from Butte Montana. He attended Butte Central in High School and got his Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Montana Tech. Patrick currently resides in Phoenix Arizona. He got started in high school by selling shoes online. Seeing the potential for income, he scaled this business into college which led him into the consulting space and the rest of the business world.

Social Media Experience:

Over the last six years Patrick has created a business 95% through social media. Furthermore this business is through organic growth, spending less than $3,000 in paid advertising over that course of time. He uses Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to generate the revenue for his consulting and sales.

Key Things You Will Learn From Me:

Learn exactly how to structure a video on youtube.(Title, Tags, Description)
Create an attention grabbing script for every video.
Learn the backend of Youtube SEO to gain more reach long term.

20 years ago large corporations were able to monopolize advertising through video because of its heavy cost. In 2020, anybody is able to create content that has a potential to generate sales. Through Patrick’s simple video process, you will have the ability to generate new business effortlessly and residually using Youtube.


Over the last 6 years Patrick has generated millions of dollars of revenue for his company as well as affiliate brands using only organic marketing. He has been featured in magazines such as Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, and Life Hacks. Patrick was also named Montana’s Governors Best and Brightest Scholar in 2014.


One-on-one consulting for organic marketing.