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Jusup Sandoval

Jusup Sandoval

Content Creator / Founder of BLYSS

Jusup is a content creator born and raised in Jackson, WY, with over 15 years of photo and video experience. His unique story telling ability and cinematic perspective has led him to work around the world with companies like Warner Music, produce Super Bowl Ads and celebrity public figures. His work has garnished millions of views across multiple platforms.

Social Media Experience:

I have learned the content creation side of social media and how to use it to develop your brand. The creative is what directly influences choices that a consumer makes, whether it is to subscribe, make a purchase or just develop trust. I have created over 1000 videos in the last 2 year's for both businesses and his own personal brand.

Key Things You Will Learn From Me:

The different platforms for content distribution.
How to begin making content.
How use the tools they have to start making content.


Worked with Warner Music, Bryce Vine and a video for Daymond John.
Created multiple Super Bowl Ads.
Partnered with celebrity Lauren Gottlieb, on creating content.
Worked with major corporations.


All attendees will receive an emailed deck of outlined notes from my presentation and a low budget and prosumer list of equipment I recommend to get started.