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Connor McCann

Connor McCann

Connor "TuCash" McCann

Connor "TuCash" McCann is a Musician turned Failed Hedge Fund Manager currently riding the rollercoaster of serial entrepreneurship back to the top. Buckle-up and prepare yourself for some heartbreaking stories alongside a slew of lessons aimed at promoting and selling whatever you have to offer the world with the most basic of tools.

Social Media Experience:

From building websites, managing local businesses' Instagram accounts, landing meetings in the World Trade Center building through email, releasing a music video on Youtube each week or pushing out 5 pieces of content a day for 90 days straight to increase my audience, I've been around Social Media and used it to my advantage ever since I had access to a computer.

Key Things You Will Learn From Me:

1. How to build a brand around any idea you have
2. How to increase your following with and without ads
3. How to sell your product, vision, or idea
4. Why consistency, persistence and hard work is detrimental to your success
5. The value in giving value

Understanding Social Media, or having a team that understands Social Media is a requirement for obtaining your greatest potential for growth in today's age. It is a free tool that when used correctly can lead to the opening of every door you've dreamed of.


Has performed internationally in front of thousands of people.

Worked with Interscope Records, Livenation, and Volcom's Music Department.

Unsuccessfully managed $1M in other people's money.

Built apps with developers from Venmo and Amazon Web Services.

Turned $15K into $558K of his own money in under 6 months at the age of 23.

Known on a first name basis with 50+ CEOs of the top Fortune 500 Companies.

Continues to sleep peacefully at night after losing everything to his name.


Connor offers courses on his website ( ranging from helping people use Social Media to their advantage for both personal life and business, Improving Personal Finances, Understanding Credit, The world of free travel, how to leverage the bank's money at 0% interest to finance your goals, and many more.

Connor also takes on clients one on one to help them achieve their goals. Whether it's in person or over video chat, he's willing to be there for you every step of the way.