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Anna Homen

Anna Homen

Cherry Creek Media

Anna is from the northwest corner of Montana where she was raised on a small farm with no electricity or running water. Anna moved out to the Bitterrroot Valley in 2003 to seek a lifestyle around hiking and adventures in the wilderness. Her love for businesses and business development evolved through-out her career and eventually lead to the path of working with businesses to help them grow by helping them perfect their marketing strategies. Anna has been with Cherry Creek Media since 2014, and has said it's the most rewarding work she's done so far.

Social Media Experience:

When it comes to social media the best understanding you can have is recent research. Social media platforms are in constant evolution to keep up with social culture and create interactive trends. As long as social media is free, it will be funded by businesses advertising. Social media is the best way to reach a younger fresh audience with hyper targeted strategies.

Key Things You Will Learn From Me:

The top trending digital strategies of 2020.
How to choose and apply the right strategies to your business.
The questions every business should ask before buying digital marketing services.


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